Earlier this year, when non-fungible tokens became a buzzword in the art world, the Art Curator Grid team, like many art and tech professionals out there, decided to delve into this new universe and keep up to date with the ever-changing news around NFTs. Initially overwhelmed by the information available, studying and research became our top priority and quickly we wanted more. Our weekly meetings were dedicated to figuring out how the conversation around this new technology could move away from the commercial art market, and shed light on institutions, artists, curators and art professionals.

We knew we had to engage with both crypto-enthusiasts and art professionals to help us better understand the approximations between NFTs and the institutional art world. So we invited several of them to take part in our Clubhouse talks and hear their opinion on four different topics: Sustainability, Ownership and Authenticity, Community Building, and Good Causes.

Now, we have decided to transform these thought-provoking discussions into a mind-blowing report.

You may be thinking “NFTs-what?!”.
Be sure, these easy-to-read texts will help anyone interested in understanding the complicated universe of NFTs to enrich their crypto-vocabulary.
The title of our report is “Demystifying NFTs”!

And in case you are thinking “Oh no, NFTs again!”, we can guarantee you have never read anything similar to this before. The subtitle of this newly published report is: “What can they [NFTs] bring for curators and art organizations?”.
You will be surprised!

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“Demystifying NFTs: What can they bring for curators and art organizations?”