by Julia Flamingo

"Bringing the greatest diversity to one place and time: that’s what my practice is all about!", said curator Simone Piva as she took a break for this interview during the production of "Recordum", an exhibition that brings together 29 artists from 16 different countries to the island of Giudecca in Venice. The show that opened on September 2nd this year reflects how young artists from different parts of the world comment on the relationship with their diverse contexts through art.

"We are living a Renaissance, a rebirth after the pandemic. And I felt the need to discuss and document this moment: what has changed in the artists' practices? What did they learned? What do they have to say about this period of history?". Many were the challenges and developments for the art world during the pandemic, with NFTs being a major turning point. That is also the reason why Simone invited four artists of the collective exhibition "Recordum" to work on an exclusive digital collection on Artpool. The art editions will be sold as NFTs from September 7th.

Simone Piva [see her full profile on Artpool] is also responsible for the curatorial project of the Guatemalan Pavilion in the ongoing 59th Venice Biennale, and was one of the invited guests of the panel discussion entitled "Curating Spaces" organized by Artpool during the Biennale's opening week in May [read here the recap of the talk]. She hand-picked the dates of the 16-day show "Recordum" to be held at the same time as Venice Biennale, Biennale Musica, Biennale Cinema, and the Venice Glass Week, when so many art lovers are gathered in Venice.

Working especially with emerging artists, the curator organized the selection of the show by open call as well as by invitation. "Art breaks down boundaries, it creates powerful connections. I wanted these amazing emerging artists, who pivoted so much over the last two years, to come together physically and be able to tell their stories", tells Simone. Over the next few days, the artists will record videos with testimonies of what they wish to bequeath to the next generations through their practices. How do their artworks document and express what each of them has left behind since the beginning of Covid-19? Certainly a good resource for future generations of art historians!

After working as an architect and interior designer in Brazil, Simone Piva moved to Italy seven years ago to work as a curator and art advisor as founder of IT MONDO, focused on the visibility and sale of works by emerging artists. The Padova-based curator is now planning to open an artistic residency in Tuscany next year. This way she will always be able to connect emerging artists from all over the world in one place and time.

Click here to browse "Recordum" collection on Artpool